PHPStorm Stopped Working

Everything was going smoooth with this software

I tried to update to the lastest build it did not work.

The program would not even open.

So I removed PHPStorm all together, rebooted and then reinstalled the previous version..

SAME THING.. Now PhpStorm is not running at all on my PC

Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit


Any suggestions?


3. Did you have VueJS plugin installed? If yes then you need to remove it from C:\Users\%your username%\.PhpStorm2016.1\config\plugins folder.


Version PhpStorm-10.0.3

No plugins other then what comes default.

I was able to get it to work by double clicking on the PhpStorm Windows Batch file in the /bin folder after installing.




I was able to get the latest version to work normal.

I did not do anything special except originally without really realizing it, I was trying to run the 32 bit version but I have 64 Bit version of windows. So i installed the needed java and uninstalled PHPStorm completely and reinstalled.

All good


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