BUG:reformat code makes a compiler error 'expected unqualified-id'

hello guys n pals:

im using reformat code while im writing c++ with appcode 1.6.5

here is my code:

m_pTarget->* m_pfnSuccessHandler();

and it becomes like this after reformat code

m_pTarget-> * m_pfnSuccessHandler();

note that theres a space between "->" and "*"

and then throws an error 'expected unqualified-id' after "->"

is it a bug of reformat code?

sorry about my broken english


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if the code won't compile after formatting it surely sounds like a bug.
Could you please file a report in the tracker and attach either a sample project or a sufficient snippet? Here is our open tracker: http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issues/OC

Anton Makeev


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