windows virtualenvwrapper

I recently started using virtualenv under windows7 64-bit.

Therefore I also installed https://github.com/davidmarble/virtualenvwrapper-win, with a dedicated $WORKON_HOME map.

This really works fabulous with console2 and my editor.

Now I hope to gain speed and comfort by using Pycharm, but I can't get it to work within my environment.

I created a python interpreter. There it shows my paths is extended with E:\.virtualenvs\medical\Scripts\python.exe, the "medical" virtualenv, where I also installed Django 1.2.3.

Only when I now try to create my first Project, pycharm says: "No Django support installed in selected interpreter".

Note that the workingdirectory is: "D:\Users\Me\PycharmProjects" and thereby differs from the virtualenv map.

How do I put it all together?

All help greatly appreciated.

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