Virtualenv + Pinax

I've installed Pinax via pip in a virtualenv enviroment and I've configured Pycharm with correct Python interpreter.

This is the simple "What next?" template:


Running the project all work fine, but, how the image show, Pycharm report a lot of problem:

- unresolve template "site_base.html"

- show wrong unclosed tags errors


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> - unresolve template "site_base.html"

I solve this adding Pinax directory in Project Structure

> - show wrong unclosed tags errors

This seem to be a unresolve custom tag problem for ifsetting tag.

I read in the forum that Pycharm search for  templatetags subdiretory for INSTALLED_APPS applications, but I see that Pinax developers add "pinax.templatetags" to the INSTALLED_APPS ...


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