AppCode 2016.1.0 -- Cannot implement methods (Ctrl-I) in C++ console application.


Created a C++ console application.

Created a new class file with "New > C++ Class"

Put a few stub functions into the header file.

Went into the .cpp file, pressed Ctrl-I, and got a red pop-up indicating "No functions to implement"

Can go to header file, place cursor on line with function declaration, press Alt-Enter, and the option "create definition for function 'foo'" works as intended.

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In AppCode 2016.1 we have changed the behaviour of 'Implement function' action in C++ code in order to make it more logical and consistent with other JetBrains IDEs. It was split into:

1) 'Generate definition' action which generates definitions for existing function declarations at the cursor position.

2) 'Implement' which is used to override missing pure virtual functions.

However, we have received some feedback that those changes created confusion, so we are planning to improve the behaviour by "guessing" a right location for definitions (CPP-6053).

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Hello Tatiana,

thank you for the heads-up.  Sorry for the very trivial question.  Should read the update notes more thoroughly next time!

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I'm also having issues with this in the current AppCode release: 2017.1.2.  No matter what I do, selecting "Implement Function" returns the error, "no functions to implement."

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Hi Jotlyons,

Have you tried 'Generate definition' action (see previous comment)?


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