Trouble Installing PyCharm on Linux Ubuntu 11.10

I am kind of new to linux. I am also new to ubuntu.

Although, PyCharm is by far my favorite Django IDE on windows. I am trying to install it on Ubuntu because most django developers use linux or mac I'd assume. The problem I am running into is the JDK1.6 requirement. Could someone please tell me the best and easiest way to get the required JDK1.6 installed correctly. I don't want to get the openJDK packages because it says not to. I want to do it the legit way by downloading JDK from oracles website. If anyone knows how to do this a step by step would be greatly appreciated including the proper link to download JDK1.6. I'm assuming after JDK1.6 is installed correctly running the file is a breeze.

If it is not even worth putting pycharm on ubuntu and you would recommend a similar IDE for django. Please let me know.


You can download JRE 1.6 from the following Web site:

PyCharm doesn't need the complete JDK; the JRE package is enough.


There's also

which will build packages for you, but you probably don't get automatic updates with either of these installation methods.

So this may become a problem for those of us who use Linux as a development environment.  It may be worth taking another look at supporting OpenJDK; it seems to work to a large extent, is it still impractical to support?

I don't really know the Java ecosystem, what will happen with Java 7?  (Or is Java 7 like some other "next-version" programming languages, a hypothetical language that we don't really write applications in?)



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