Exclude file from code Analysis

I added jquery-1.7.1.js to my project and got a whole bunch of Code Analysis warnings (plus a couple of entries in the TODO window, which came from the jQuery file) while committing changes to VCS.

1. How can i exclude the jQuery or any other file from Code Analysis?

2. How can i exclude the jQuery or any other file from being scanned for TODO entries?

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I am in a similar situation.

I have an HTML file for testing in my system which contains words like "TODO" and some intentional errors. Now the code analysis warns me every time I want to commit a change to those files.

Some many features in the IDE have a file filter, why we cannot have a file filter in the code analyzer and todo checker?


You can try excluding jquery source file(s) in the project structure settings.

You can exclude directories, or individual files.



I have a similar issue in IntelliJ Idea.
For example I have the .editorconfig file which brings a lot of warns like the one below in the image below.
Is it possible to exclude some files/directories from the code analysis?
It is quite frustrating especially when committing changes and the Analyse code is checked.



In addition to my comment above, you can also lower the highlighting level for the file.


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