Deployments being mixed across multiple projects?

I noticed that in the PyCharm configuration window, Deployments are configurable under your current project. This makes sense. But what I also noticed is that when you start a new project, it has your old project's Deployment settings. They seem to be universal, not per-project.

That's okay, but it's a little confusing because of the fact that you configure them in the Project section. And ideally, I'd like deployment configurations to be per-project, because it would be embarrassing to upload a project to the wrong server, especially if they aren't the same client.

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  1. List of Deployment servers is shared between (common for) all projects, but only Connection tab.
  2. Mappings and other tabs are set per project. This allows, for example, to have a single deployment defined (same host, login details, root folder) .. but deploy each project to a separate subfolder.
  3. You can (you actually should) mark one server as a Default per project, which helps avoiding such "uploaded to a wrong server" issues.

In any case -- current implementation is inconvenient (at least for me) and I would also like to see the Project Only level in addition to the current Shared level -- all my current projects are using project specific entries (so no entry is used by more than one project). Right now I have 16 projects, which makes 32 entries in total (1 "In Place" (for development stage) and 1 "FTP" (deployement, small fixes etc) for each project) -- quite big list, I have to say...

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