Giving projects unique names

Something unfortunate I've noticed about PyCharm is that it names all my projects "trunk". That's because my directories are laid out like this:




I could restructure these, but I'm hoping there's a way to tell PyCharm to name a project something other than what its directory is.

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This is how it can be done in PhpStorm --- I assume it is also possible in PyCharm as well:

  • in IDE: File | Rename Project
  • manually:
    • open .idea folder for that project while PyCharm is not running (e.g. ~/Projects/first_project/trunk/.idea)
    • find and open file called .name (if it's not there -- create it)
    • write desired project name there -- it's simple text file with a single line of text
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Ah. It wasn't available in the GUI, but I was able to find the .name file and give the project its own name. Thanks!

(I tried to give you "Correct answer" but I got a 500 error, so I clicked on "Helpful answer" and that worked.)


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