Kiwi tests run with App always?

Trying to figure out how to setup Kiwi in AppCode -- it appears to boil down to setting up Kiwi mostly in Xcode and then having AppCode use the result.

AppCode can consume a workspace with sibling projects defined, but "Add Linked Project" always makes the linked project a child in AppCode. This means that the non-ARC Kiwi project is going to complain that your ARC'd app is not behaving like the common denominator (non-ARC). If you make the projects sibling, your app can be ARC'd and Kiwi can remain non-ARC'd.

Attempts to set everything up in Xcode and then have AppCode 2.0 EAP consume this, results in success but the side-effect is annoying. My hierarchy for the test project consists of Kiwi as a git submodule in lib/Kiwi (pegged at tag 2.0.4). Since lib/Kiwi is associated with the test target, an OCUnit build configuration to run all classes tests will also bring in Kiwi's tests. Two of these suites ar empty, so it is pretty annoying to see multiple specs that I don't care about within the context of my application.

Using a test project with ONE successful test, I see multiple suites fire as shown in the screenshot. How do I get the Kiwi tests out of the test runner so it is confined to just my test application's tests?

GuessMyAgeGameSpecs.m - GuessMyAge - [-Code-Lab-GuessMyAge] - JetBrains AppCode (AppCode) OC-126.39.png
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Mark, you can try excluding Kiwi's tests from the project.
And, in any case, please file a request in the tracker - we'll handle such a case.


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