Question about display formats of live values while debugging...

I'm using AppCode 1.6 with C/C++ in OS-X 10.6.8, and there's some display options I sorely miss and was wondering if they might be possible:

1) How to display an integer value as hex?

- Currently, the debugger automatically displays addresses as hex, but I have found no way to display an integer value as hex.

2) How to display arrays in order?

- Currently, when I display an array, it will show the values in a very strange order:  It will display index 0, then indicies 10-19, then index 1, then indices 20-29, then index 2, etc, etc.  And I can't get to index 100 no matter how many times I say "show more results".  Is there a way to just show an array sequentially?

3) How can I see the value of a character array as a string?

- I use C strings all over my program, but even when they are constants, I can only view them as an array of characters, which, combined with the out of order index issue in (2) means they are unreadable.  Is there any way to view a character array as a text string?

ALL THREE OF THESE ISSUES persist in the Debugger window, the Watch window, and live popup values in the editor window - so it's a universal formatting issue.

I really appreciate any advice.  I appreciate AppCode tremendously, but there are also some little issues like this that definitely hurt my productivity, and they seem like such small things that I figure I must just not know what I'm doing...

- Jeff


Jeff, the problems 2 and 3 are related to alphabetic sorting - if you disable it, variables will be correctly ordered.
We'll also fix this problem in AppCode so that you can enable alphabetic sorting mode back (see OC-6472).

The hex representation is not currently supported, but we plan to implement this feature in future updates: OC-2305.
Meanwhile, you can use GDB/LLDB console command 'p/x var' to see it's hex value.


Thanks so much!  There's only one item you didn't mention - viewing character arrays as strings.  Is there any hope for such a feature?  May be a context "View As" menu?

- Jeff


Values of 'char *' should be rendered correctly, char[] are not yet rendered (OC-6475)
Though, you can easily invoke Evaluate Expression (Alt+F8) from Variable list and cast it to char *:
Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 13.12.20 .png


BTW, as long as you're talking about future App Code features, one of the most useful features that appears to be missing from AppCode is an "auto variable" debug window.  That's the window where it looks at the place in the code that the program is stopped at and displays all the symbols in their values being used within a few lines before and after the cursor.  That takes up much less space, and most of the time, it's what you want to see... :)

Really - that would add a ton of value.

Thanks for considering,
- Jeff

P. S. If I had to name an existing feature, unique to AppCode, that adds a ton of productivity, it'd be the intelligent auto-complete match, that makes "auto-complete" a misnomer.  It's little things like that that makes it feel like I'm in the future.  :)

To that, I'd also add the refactoring ability that is unmatched for C++ code.

I was talking with a lot of my programming friends, and we all agreed that for programming tools, there's a lot of very fancy features that we rarely use, but these tiny, extra simple things we use all the time make an enormous difference in programming productivity.  Things like "Find Usages", etc...


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