how to disable ARC inline memory warnings


there is currently a bug which I have raised, wherein I get incorrect inline warnings for "object may not have been released" in my ARC project.

That's all in the tracker and all good; but it looks like it won't be fixed any time soon (I'm in no situation to provide a sample project).

So - how does one switch off non-ARC project warnings? Specifcally I want to switch off "retained value may have not been released", "@sysnthesize of 'weak' propery is only allowed in ARC project", "method possibly missing a [super dealloc] call" (for dealloc method) and other non-ARC related inline warnings.

ALL of these nonarc warnings are 100% bogus. They do not appear in the warning console, or log output, nor in xcode's build log, nor in xcode's static analyzer.

I'm desperate to swtich them off -my code is littered with these bogus error messages.



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Ok - I figured out how to get rid of the "value may not have been released" error.. it's not ideal as it's appcode wide, so when I open my non-arc project I have to remember to put it back. :/ still it's better than appcode randomly treating an ever growing selection of files in my arc project  as non arc source.

The other warnings? any way of disabling them?



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George, you can disable any warning in Preferences | Inspections. But let's investigate the original problem instead of muting it. I've uploaded the private build to test in


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