Annoying indexing

I use pycharm 2.0.2 on Ubuntu 11.10 x64, and i actively use many desktops (first for web brouser, second for pycharm etc). So i frequently switch between this. When Pycharm take focus - is start indexing project files and i can't work from half minute to minute after switch between desktops! How can i disable this checking changing of files?


Solved - find this:

Settings / General - Synchronize files on frame activation

Now - i'm happy :-)


Do the files actually change? If not, there should be no indexing going on.


Not, files actually not been changed, but Pycharm always index directory when IDE window take focus. It's stopped after i disable settings in my prev message.


Are there any symlinks in your project path? Could you please attach the log file (Help | Reveal Logs)?


this is really annoytin, i too had to deactive the sync in the general setting, everytime i changed focus the indexing even was taking place. in the big projects i needed to wait about 7 seconds before i could start using pycharm again.i'm running 2.0.2 under Sun Java in mint12


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