Plugin bridge / Objective-C interface

I was wondering if there are any plans on the horizon for a bridge/mechanism so that plug-ins could be written in Objective-C?
Seems a little inconvenient to say the least, that an IDE for Objective-C(++), would rely on a plug-ins that had to be written in Java.

I for one would be interested in writing a few plug-ins, but am put off in having to write them in Java and would imagine that as more and more people look at AppCode as their IDE of choice, that this problem will grow.

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No, we don't have such a plan.
Providing inter-language bridge would cost significant amount of resources that we better put into improving IDE itself.

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I see, well thanks for the reply.
Just a pity that we would need Java skills in order to enhance and extend an Objective-C IDE, but I can understand your point of view.

Just wondering is anyone has any other ideas, through JNI etc that we can extend the IDE more natively?


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