Not understanding template support

So I was excited to get 2.x because I thought it was going to allow me to debug mako templates.

Either I don't have something configured right, or I've missed the point.

Are we supposed to be able to single-step through a mako template while debugging with 2.0? I tried setting a breakpoint in a template and no luck

Also, I tried editing an existing template and the editor didn't seem very "smart".. that is, it didn't offer any code completion options, etc.

I have enabled support for Make templates in settings:template, and added my /templates directory into settings:template for the templates directory. My app is a pylons app.

Any insights here would be appreciated.. I want to be impressed with the new template support in PyCharm but so far the score is 0!



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Template debugging is only supported for Django templates, not for Mako. Right now we don't have any plans to support debugging other templates; we haven't even investigated whether it's feasible at all.

Code completion and error highlighting should work. What extension do your Mako templates have?

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thanks for the reply, my template files have an extension of .mako

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Please make sure that the .mako extension is mapped to the HTML file type.


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