[newbie] Interactive shell after code execution

I'm currently trying to move to PyCharm as my new IDE...and I'm getting happier and happier....

The only thing I'm missing is the possibility to execute your code first, and then interactively continue working with it (so that you view the variables of your program, for example. This is the kind of debugging behavior I was used to in Matlab). Even better would it be to continue working after a specific breakpoint...

I bet that this option is implemented, however after googling and digging through the documentation I'm unable to find it...any tips are welcome.

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You can run the Python console (Tools | Python Console) and execute your code in it (if your code is wrapped in a function, you can call the function from the console). Then you can keep using the interactive prompt with your code loaded.

Also, you can get access to an interactive console while stopped at a breakpoint using the "Show Debug Console" button in the debugger toolbar.


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