code completion slower on EAP 2.0

I'm very happy with all the new features and the new look of the 2.0 EAP release.

But code completion seems to be quite a bit slower than the 1.6.x series. I have to stop typing and wait 2-3 seconds or more for a symbol to expand now. Is this a common experience? If so, is it a consequence of some kind of debug code in the EAP builds or just fallout from expanded functionality?

It's actually enough to force to go back to Xcode for routine coding because it slows me down so much.

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Miles, thanks for trying out the EAP version of AppCode 2.0. If you have any critical issues with EAP version, you can always go back to the stable version of AppCode, which is now 1.6.4.
Meanwhile, we are working on the fix and you can follow to see the progress and try a buid with a hot-fix (you need to be a registered user to see the link).

Anton Makeev

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Thanks. I voted for the issue and I'll keep an eye on it.


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