eap 2 and question

Hi guys,

well done - EAP 2.0 looks great!!!
Look forward to seeing how the new feartures will add to my productivity (I wish I had this a week a go - did a lot of moving and class duplicaiton refactoring a project!)

I have a questio abou the guide lines we see between methods and at the right side of the editor.

I presume the right side of the editor is the point at which wrapping occurs? how can I change that? I work very widescreen and would like my lines to wrap about 40 characters much further than the current setting.

thanks again!!!


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Thanks for cheering us up, George!
These lines are visual methods separators (Editor | Appearance | Show methods separators) and editor margin, that is used, as you correctly guessed, for formatting (Code Style | General | Right margin).


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