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I've recently started using Appcode and really like it.

In Xcode I can setup behaviors that determine the layout of the different panes for example when running. I can't find a similar feature in Appcode and am wondering if it's there? Specifically I'd like to customize what happens when I run, stop, debug apps. At the moment the "Run" pane pops up automatically when running which I dislike. Is there currently a way of customizing these features?


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Hi, Philip,

no, it is not possible in this way. AppCode (and IntelliJ Platform) employs different approach to the workspace layout: tool windows that are automatically shown when certain event occurs (e.g. when you run your tests, 'Run' tool window with the list of tests is displayed).

You can have any particular tool window auto-hidable, floating/docked, though (see the gear in the header):
Screen Shot 2012-11-09 at 15.47.11 .png
And use shortcuts to quickly show/hide a tool window (e.g Cmd+F4/F5 for Run/Debug).

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Hi Anton,

Thanks for the reply.

I realise that I can just hide the window again with a shortcut, but it's pretty irritating to have to do it on each run. Xcode by default does the same, but in Xcode it's configurable. For instance, in Xcode I have a special debug tab that contains my debug console and shows the code when it hits a breakpoint, thus it doesn't mess with the code in my current coding tab, and it doesn't switch to the debugging tab unless I specifically want to.

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Hi Philip,

There is currently no built-in feature in AppCode that resembles XCode's ability to totally rearrange it's interface on actions like running or debugging.

There is an open request for the platform to allow setting run configurations to not automatically pop up the tool window. If you want, you can vote for it:

In the meantime, you can do some things to minimize your annoyance.

For one, if you reduce the size of the tool window, that will be remembered next time it pops up. So if you make it really small, that
should help reduce the amount of disruption.

Also, if you keep a tool window open on the left permanently (I generally have the project tool window open there), then you can drag the Run tool window
button to the bottom of the left sidebar. Over there, with the tool window settings Docked, Pinned and Split Mode, it should just pop up into the bottom
of the project tool window, and avoid disturbing the main code editing area.

I hope this helps reduce the annoyance a bit.

-- edit: Pinned should not be necessary

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Hi Maarten,

Thanks for the suggestions, I'll give them a try.



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