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I have CodePilot installed in Xcode and it doesn't generate any errors there but when compiling a project in AppCode I see the following error.

2012-11-02 13:26:54.229 xcodebuild[1583:707] Error loading /Users/myusername/Library/Developer/Xcode/Third-Party Plug-ins/CodePilot2.xcplugin/Contents/MacOS/CodePilot2:  dlopen(/Users/myusername/Library/Developer/Xcode/Third-Party Plug-ins/CodePilot2.xcplugin/Contents/MacOS/CodePilot2, 265): Symbol not found: _IDEEditorDocumentDidChangeNotification

Does anybody know a fix for this as I would like my projects to compile cleanly if possible without distracting errors like this?

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These errors are produced by the Xcode's tool chain and are harmless.
We'll hide them in AppCode in the future updates:


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