Django support and project pane gone wrong

I'm evaluating pycharm and it has worked quite well until a few days ago when something broke and my project won't run (asking to enable django support but django settings are empty), I can't refactor (rename) files - it will tell me "selected file is not located inside the project". How do I fix this? Attached is a screenshot my my project pane and empty django support pane. Other than that this everything works quite nice. Windows7 it is 32bit.

pycharp issue.PNG

/just thinking - could this be because I created the project and fetched from my mercurial rep and had issues adding .idea files to ignore list so I just shelved them/

pycharp issue.PNG
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Shelving the .idea directory has the effect of deleting the project files while PyCharm is running; all kinds of things will break if you do that. Please exit PyCharm, delete the .idea directory (if it still exists) and restart PyCharm; it will auto-configure the project into a correct state.


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