How do I get the AppCode Console to show TestFlightApp API output?

I am using TestflightAPI for remote logging and remote crash reporting - it's pretty cool.

See here:

I have replaced NSLOG with TFLOG for that purpose. According to the documentaiton, TFLOG outputs to three different loggers:

STDERR logger

The normal Testflight logging output shows up when running in XCode, in the XCode console.

When running in AppCode, does not show in the AppCode console - it does appear in the system logs via the application.

How can I get it to show in the AppCode console? Are there any options for this console in the settings or in some settings file?

I am not too familiar with OS X logging - can I set this somewhere on a system level? Do I need to add some code in one of my header files?

Thanks for any info!

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I'll bet it's related to this bug. Don't know of a workaround, but it has fairly recently been updated to be fixed in a future AppCode version, so I guess they're working on it.

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thanks for the info - looking forward to the fix!

Meanwhile, I have disabled remote logging when running in the simulator, covers my needs for now. Put this in my .pch file:


    #define NSLog TFLog

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I am also having this problem. Testflight is almost a de facto standard for beta-testing iOS apps, so I thinkg this issue should be addressed soon.

And thanks for the workaround nikolaus


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