finder leak(?) when running my App in simulator

Although this is probably an Apple-classic, i am wondering if anyone on this forum came across with this. I noticed when debugging, my computer becoming increasingly unresponsive. After a bit of looking around, i find the Finder process clocking at 100% cpu on one core, and 1.1 Gb of real memory. Upon further investigation, this is repeatable and seems to be caused by my app running in the simulator. If the app is 'stopped' in the simulator, this does not happen. The ONLY disk IO done by this App is to save a (small) .plist at 5 seconds interval or so.

Anyone noticed/fixed that ? If yes, would like to hear your solution.

MBP recent, 16 Gb memory, OSX 10.7.5 Xcode 4.5 Simulator version 6, running iOS 6.0
this is a game app, cocos2d centric.

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Simulator is known to have such leaks: on Mountain Lion every run on a simulator produces a zombie process that never dies until system reboot.
On 10.7.5 it is, probably, not the case, but sill worth checking - see that processes are running with 'ps ux' command.

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No zombies Anton, however is is the 'Finder' process itself that goes out bounds (not one of the many simulator processes). I do have a zombie of my App !


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