Linking RestKit to project

Hi, I'm totally new to objective-c development. I'm coming from VS/c# world. As a resharper user since version 2 and webstorm beta, I purchased appcode. I've seen some docs on how to important/link projects using XCODE i was wondering if there was some documentation to help me using appcode?

Also, aside from interface builder, is there anything i CAN'T do in Appcde that i need to do in XCODE?


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in AppCode you can add linked projects and frameworks from Project View - right click on you project node and select 'Add' menu.
There are some areas what AppCode leaves to Xcode in this moment - Interface, Storyboards and CoreData modeling, as well as build phases configuration.

We are working on these features and you can expect them in the following releases.

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I figured that much...  however, after I ADD > Linked Project, RestKit gets added but when i #import <RestKit/Restkit.h> i get a compile error. 'RestKit/RestKit.h' file not found.

Is there something in project settings i need to set up like a search path for the restKit header files? I know its not as easy as .NET where you just add reference to an assembly. What else do i need to do to use this framework?


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After adding a linked project, you need to set-up Header Include Path in the project's build settings.
For further information, please see RestKit documentation:


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