Frameworks Not Being Found

I have a framework that I built using this:

I have 3 xcode projects.


each application links to a seperate library in my framework application

My ApplicationA -> LibraryA works great
My ApplicationB -> LibraryB does not work at all, in Xcode it works perfectly, in Appcode it won't compile, but doesn't report compile errors. And everything that calls into the library is red with errors. Appcode is wanting me to import thing with something like import "header.h" when in reality it should be import <framwork/header.h>

Any ideas?

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first, please clean the derived dir in Xcode (press Option key in the Product menu and you'll see 'Clean Derived Dir' item) and try building the problematic projects in Xcode. Does it build correctly?
If it does, try building it in AppCode again and attach the build output (Messages tool window, Show Build Log action).

When we are able to solve the build problem, we'll move to the incorrectly suggested imports problem.


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