GAE: Unable to serve static admin media files using app.yaml settings in Dev Server

Hi all,

1.    To serve django.contrib.admin media files (css, js, etc), I have copied the media folder from admin to a 'media' folder in my app root. In my app.yaml, I have added following:


- url: /media/*

  static_dir: media

  expiration: '0'

    This works for Google App Engine, but when I try to access the media files from the AppEngine development server, I receive a 500 error saying blocked access to media files.

     Anything can be done?

2. Upon checking, I found a file Google_App_Engine_SDK.xml in the project root's .idea\libraries sub-folder.

    Inside, there is a reference to django_1_2 but no reference to django_1_3

    I tried to change it but it gets resetted back to django_1_2. Is this one possible cause? How do I change this?




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