Where is the "Build Phases" pane ?

In XCode 4 you have "Build Phases" in project settings, where you have a list of "Copy Bundle Resources" and "Compile Sources". When you add a file to a project, it automatically adds it into the "Compile Sources" group, but if the file is a resource, you have to go to "Build Phases" and move it to the "Copy Bundle Resources" group. Otherwise you get a warning like : "no rule to make target [file name]". How can I do that in AppCode ? It's very annoying to switch to XCode for each resource file I add. Also it would be nice to have a configurable list of extensions which are automatically detected as resources.

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AppCode doesn't have project configuration functionality at the moment.
We'll add it in the further updates.

Meanwhile, you can safely use Xcode for project configuration - AppCode will automatically see all the changes.


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