Unresolved attribute reference

In this code:

class Utility:

  def Enquote(s,quoteChar='"'):

    if quoteChar == '"':

      s = s.replace(quoteChar,quoteChar + quoteChar)

    return quoteChar + s + quoteChar

... PyCharm is highlighting "replace" with:

Unresolved attribute reference 'replace' for class 'Utility'

... even though the code runs fine.  Two questions: is this a PyCharm bug, and regardless ... can I supress this error?

As an aside, I'm a Python noob and initially wrote this with "import string" at the top of the file and the replace(s,quoteChar,quoteChar + quoteChar) syntax, and that also was reported the same way.

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It appears this was caused by my failure to understand Python's awkward workaround for its lack of a "this" or "self" or "me" operator.  It would never have occurred to me that every method signature I write in a class must have an initial self argument.  That's ugliness in the name of ideological purity if ever I saw it ...


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