1.6 eap looking great

Hi chaps,

just wanted to say congrats on the hard work on 1.6 - I was out of action for a while so didn't get a chance to play - latest eap is much more stable and there's some really great stuff in there...  I just had one of those "wow - I love appcode so much" moments again, which I've had for every release I've used.

Great work - and very appreciated here.



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Thanks, George,
we'll to do our best to make a decent release. Meanwhile, feel free to submit your issues and suggestions - there is still some time left to resolve them before the release.

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I took a quick look at the latest 1.6 build yesterday.
While I could get to the build settings, I didn't immediately find a way to add a new target.
I was looking to quickly add a unit test target to a project that didn't have unit tests yet.

I only looked for a few minutes, so I may have missed something.

Is creating targets something that's still scheduled to be added, did I miss something, or is this something we'll need to keep using XCode for for the time being?

In other ways the build was looking good and is a pleasure to use (as I've come to expect from JetBrains :-)

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currently, only editing of build settings is implemented. The margets management will be added in future updates.

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Just to echo this. AppCode is excellent, and improving stupidly fast. I'm thoroughly impressed by both it, and JetBrains' great communication, openness, and consideration shown towards the developer community.

AppCode is the first JetBrains product I've used, and I would be really disappointed now if I needed to work on a platform that didn't have a JetBrains IDE available for it.


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