Debug using remote interpreter

My setup:

PyCharm 2.5.1 on Win7 x64, python 2.7

Python 2.7.3 on Ubuntu 12.04 inside a python virtualenv

A remote Python interpreter via SSH.


I created a test blank python project. The files are uploaded fine, however once I set a breakpoint and start debugging, I get the following error message:

/home/amir/pyproj/remTest/ can't be found in project.
You can continue debugging, but without the source.

To fix this you can do one of the following:  

Edit Settings of path mapping in remote debug configuration

Auto-detect path mapping settings

Download source from remote host

Apparently the remote version of the file is found and the execution stops at the breakpoint but it cannot map it to the local version. I have tried adding a mapping to the Run/Debug configuration or using Auto-detect to do so. Neither of those has worked and I still get the same error.

I am not running a webserver by the way.

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The issue was resolved once I added the following mapping

D:/Users/Amir/PycharmProjects <-->  /home/amir/pyproj

The help documentation says the remote path should be relative to the deployment server root which is /home/amir in my case, but the relative path didn't work then.


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