Integration with Git

I have an account on Git Enterprise. Using SSH I can clone the remote repository localy but for unknown reasons when trying to Push changes made locally the error is raised "Can't push because no remote is defined". Being quite new to PyCharm I honstly do not know what is wrong and where should I define the "Remote" repository. It is strange because the Git config file (in .git directory) the access path to remote repository is defined.

Content of config.xml


     repositoryformatversion = 0

     filemode = true

     bare = false

     logallrefupdates = true

[remote "origin"]

     fetch = +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/*

     url = ssh://

[branch "master"]

     remote = origin

     merge = refs/heads/master

Any clues?

I am using PyCharm 2.5 under Ubuntu.

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