Header Search Path like in XCode?

I opened my xcode project but when i compile certain #inclue "***.h" files are not found.

in my xcode project I have set the search paths to these h files in the "Header Search Path" property in the project settings...how do I do this in AppCode?


I am also looking for this, plus 'Build Phases' and other project settings.  It seems like we are expected to return to XCode to make these project settings at the moment.  This is not the end of the world, I just want to know whether or not I am missing an 'AppCode way' to manage these settings.  Can someone advise?  Thanks.


AppCode currently doesn't have any build settings editor, but wwe are working on it.

If the program is not being compiled in AppCode, but is being compiled in Xcode, the problem is in the paths - AppCode uses different derived directory, than Xcode.
It may also happen, when Xcode finds some old header files under the search path, but AppCode can't find them, because they have never existed under its own derived dir.

Let us know if you need additional help with it.


need appcode to resolve this problem.
In my test files, I import this below:(imported in .pch file)

#import <OCMock/OCMock.h>
#import <OCHamcrestIOS/OCHamcrestIOS.h>
but appcode can't distinguish them, and complain errors.
I wish appcdoe can resolve it sooner or later, thanks


Without a sample we cannot reproduce the problem, unfortunately.
One thing I can suggest to try - if the file is in a ocunit target, try switching to the corresponding scheme (run configuration in AppCode) and see if the files are resolved correctly.

If they are not, please create a bug report and attach a sample project that shows the problem.


Thank you! Switching to the corresponding scheme works. I didn't realized that. It's different from xcode :p


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