How can I open multiple project file?

How can I open multiple project file like follow Xcode image?

There are 3 opened project files in Xcode [CCButtons, CopyPasteTile, OftenUsed]

스크린샷 2012-07-31 오후 3.48.06.png

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Yes, in AppCode 1.5 use File | Open Project, in AppCode 1.6 - File | Open. You'll be offered to open the project either in a new frame or replace the already open project.

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Where is fault in my sequence..

Following is my sequence.
Please look at this.

1) I have used AppCode 1.6 EAP.
스크린샷 2012-07-31 오후 5.05.31.png

2) In case which open 'HealthCare' Project,
스크린샷 2012-07-31 오후 5.00.31.png

3) I clicked 'Open Project' feature.
스크린샷 2012-07-31 오후 5.00.45.png

4) And then I selected other project 'DrawLine'.

스크린샷 2012-07-31 오후 5.01.35.png

5) Clicked Window menu, I could see only DrawLine project.
스크린샷 2012-07-31 오후 5.01.53.png

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You probably checked 'Do not ask again' in the dialog that offers to open the project. Please check 'Preferences | General | Confirm window to open project in' - it should be enabled.

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I follow your advice, it well work. :D

Thanks Anton. Have a good day!


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