Configuration of multiple related projects


I have an in-house project (lets call it myproject) which references an in-house app (lets call it myapp).

How do I configure PyCharm so that the references to myapp inside of myproject automatically point to the open myapp PyCharm project?

I currently have both myproject and myapp open in PyCharm as PyCharm projects (by using File -> New Project and then following the steps for 'Create Project from existing sources').



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For now, the logic is the following: the project you open first becomes the primary project, and all subsequently opened projects become its dependencies (they see the symbols from the primary project, but not vice versa). We plan to make this configurable in a future release.

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Did you mean the other way around? If subsequently opened projects see the symbols from the primary project then they depend on this primary project so this primary project is a dependency of all subsequently opened projects.

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