PyCharm problems

Hi guys,

I've been using PyCharm quite successfully for about 2 weeks now.

Today, I started it up and it's displaying some weird behaviours.

1) No files can be opened to edit.

When I click on a file to edit it, the breadcrumbs bar updates (as if the file is open), but the main editing window still displays the 'No files are open' message.

2) Searches don't complete

PyCharm's search was quite quick last week. Today, it doesn't even complete the search. It just displayings the 'Searching' message and then doesn't do anything else.

I have the latest version (2.5.1, built 8 May 2012).

Any ideas what's going wrong?

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Please try File | Invalidate Caches

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Thank you! That fixed it for me.


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Thanks! I had exactly the same problem, and this solved it for me too.

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