Okay this is the kind of issue that will make me abandon a product. [1]

I create files in a specific folder

$(SRCROOT)/Strategies/Posting/blah.m,_blah.m, ...

I add them to my project in AppCode and... it MOVES them!

I spent several hours yesterday puzzling over why the hell i was generating new versions of the files, and they were right on disk, but when I went back to AppCode they were wrong. Of course eventually I figured out that AppCode had moved the files somewhere else without my noticing. So the versions I was editing were not the same as the versions I was generating.

I didn't ask AppCode to move them, I don't want it to move them. I put those files there for a reason. I am now using Xcode to add files to my projects again.

This is unbelievably annoying.



[1] yes this is hyperbole but just take it as a sign of how angry i was when i realised what AppCode was doing.

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can you please create a bug report and describe how to reproduce the problem?
The current description is not clear, I'm afraid.

If it is indeed a bug, we'll do our best to fix it quickly.


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