Standard python, no django or GWT?


I own intellij ultimate, and just installed the python interpreter to test on a small project. It's just a little console tool for parsing log files, so I don't need GWT/django support.

When I create my project I can choose between these "desired technologies":



Google App Engine (Python)

SQL Support

What do I need to do to create a normal python setup? I tried selecting none of them, and went in and added /usr/bin/python2.7 as project sdk. But after doing that I can't get autocomplete on a fd returned from open(). And I cant add python to modules or facets.

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I should point out that the autocomplete on a django project is working fine, but without having django/google app engine on it seems very broken.

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To create a pure Python project, select "Python Module" in the first page of the wizard, specify the Python interpreter on the second page, and don't select any technologies on the third one.

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Great, thank you.

That's what I did with my original test project, but I did not have an interpreter set. Then I added python to the sdk in my project and it still didn't work.

Recreating the project now with interpreter set from the start worked :-)


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