Probably newb question :( PyCharm development server for local machine, any sort of httpd.conf equivalent?

Like the topic says, is there any sort of editable equivalent to Apache's httpd.conf, or way to mimic its behavior in the settings somewhere?

I've inherited a project that is somewhat out of my league, and is loaded with sub-domains, and am trying to figure out a way between the /etc/hosts file and some other settings to be able to run the project locally while dealing with this sub-domain mess and the various settings the live site's server is using in httpd.conf.

One other question while I'm at it: is there any way to change the port number that the built-in PyCharm Development Server uses to something other than 8000?

Not sure if any of these relate to the aforementioned questions, but I'm using PyCharm for Django development along with Subversion (which you guys integrated quite nicely I might add).

Perhaps my approach isn't even the correct one, but I figured it couldn't hurt for a newbie from the Microsoft world to ask :-(

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There is no such thing as "PyCharm development server"; the PyCharm run configuration runs the standard Django development server, which is documented in the Django documentation. It does not have any equivalent of httpd.conf.

The port number for the development server is specified in the run configuration settings. (Use Run | Edit Configurations... to access it.)

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Thanks for the fast and helpful response - like I said, horribad newb here, not even understanding the initial concept correctly.


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