Aspects of accessing synced folder on multiple computers


I'm using dropbox to save and sync the project folder of a project that I'm using PyCharm with. I've tried using PyCharm to work on this project from several different computers (including both Windows and MacOS) and it been workable, but there seems to be some undesirable side-effects. Most notably, if I have python installed at different locations on different computers (e.g., on Windows/MacOS) I will have to set this each time I'm switching.

Is there any support for computer specific configurations in a shared/synced project folder? Any recommeded ways of dealing with this? Other aspects that might surface when working like this?


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In PyCharm 2.5, you can define a name for your Python interpreter (select an interpreter in Settings | Python Interpreters and press "Edit" button). The project files store the interpreter name, not its path. If you define an interpreter with the same name on all of your machines, you'll be able to reuse the same project files between all of them.


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