IdeaVim: Forced to type double escape after help balloon appears to exit editor mode. Can it be turned off?

The help and info popups on the code are magically useful. I think it's why we all like PyCharm so much.

There is one failing for a Vim refugee, though: When you're in IdeaVim's Insert mode and an info ballon appears, hitting escape just removes the balloon rather than changing the Vim mode. So occasionally I end up with stuff that looks like this:

models.ImageField(jjwcw ... )

Imagine the cursor was right after the first paren. What I asked for was to move two lines down, a word to the right, and then to change that word. What IdeaVim did was insert the literal text 'jjwcw'.

If you're used to Vim it's hard wired to hit escape and be in the other mode right away. Double tapping escape plays merry hell with the natural flow. Additionally, hitting escape can also launch actions based on the next keystroke you type. Double trouble.

Is there a way to ask for this to be fixed in future versions? Or is there a patch? Or any pointers on how I can fix it myself? I'm pretty sure Vim users would agree this isn't an edge case scenario.

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You can try assigning a different keyboard shortcut to Editor Actions | Escape. Note that it will affect a number of different actions, not only hiding of popup hints.
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Thank you. I'll give it a go but it would be nice if it could be fixed in a future version.

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