Do feature requests go straight in the issue tracker?

I'd love to see previews of images (having the preview appear with code that'd be the absolute BOMB)..

Where best to put this little request?


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Such a feature will also be available in the next version of AppCode. Here is a request:

And as for reporting issues and asking for features, it is better to file them directly to the tracker so you and we don't need to copy them from the forum to the tracker.
If you have general questions, you can ask them here.

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Actually this IS already working in AppCode 1.5.x. The shortcut is "alt+space", action is called "Quick definition". This is very useful action. Using it, you can also view all the implementations of some method (in the popup, without opening the editor).

However, it's only working in the code (when you have completed the string). There is the separate request for showing it for the lookup items in the completion list -

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    omg that's awesome! I'll vote too - becuase if we could get thumbnails in the list of optins. that'd make life co much easier. you know how it is.. lots of images, have to go to finder to see them, or now with appcode, I can just open the file up. but still if I could do that from the list.. I stay IN THE ZONE..

    I seriously think you guys should use that in your marketing - becuase it is so bloody true! "Appcode : keeps you in the zone".

    Thanks again, another pleasant day of dev, thanks to your great product.


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