Setting breakpoints in Django template?!

Hey there, I'm loving PyCharm so far!  It is really easy to use for most things, but I can't quite seem to get breakpoints set in my HTML with django template lines... how do I do that?  I'm using Windows.

I have 2 folders in my PyCharm project:
somewhere on my computer\KeepClientsHappy\ ... django stuff ...
in my WAMP folder\www\KeepClientsHappySite\ ... django template stuff ...

How do I get breakpoints in this template?!

Thanks for your time,

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Normally in a Django project you don't need to store templates under your Web server folder; you just store them in a 'templates' directory under your project directory. If you do store them in an external directory, you need to add it as a content root to your project in Settings | Project Structure and mark it as a template directory in Settings | Template Languages.
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You guys really do a great job, thank you.

Appreciate it!

To make it clearer to some people, settings is under File -> Settings, or, Ctrl + Alt + S

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