badges for appcode promotion

Hi guys,

are thre any badges I can place on a website AND in my app about screen that have a nice appcode graphic and text along the lines of "proudly engineered using jetbrains appcode"?

I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants to help spread the word, and do our bit to say thank you for literally improving the quality of my life.



do you have a list of apps "made with appcode"?

I've tried to sing your praises as much as possible on #iphonedev on freenode, to the point where if I talk about how great appcode is anymore, they will likely kill me (some of them thought I worked for you guys at one point :D )

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thank you very much for your support! We appreciate it, really.

There are some badges that you can find at, but currently don't have a 'powered by' badge, but we we'll gladly make one if you like.
We also don't have a list of the apps, developed with AppCode, but know that there are quite a few. Here is a poll that, we hope, will give us a better idea of them:

Anton Makeev

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Yes please!

a powered by badge, for both iphone and ipad would be great.

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We'll create a customizable badges AppCode and announce them on our blog post.


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