Issues stepping through code with the debugger?

I am experiencing intermittent issues stepping through code with the AppCode debugger.  I'll step into a method that is passed a NSDictionary and be unable to access the values of the dictionary in the debugger. Just before calling the method I am able to access the values just fine. Additionally when this happens stepping on a line of code that accesses a member of the collection can hang or take incredibly long.

I can step through the code fine in XCode, but I don't have access to the values of the collection without implementing description and using po.

The problem is intermittent, sometimes I can step through the same code just fine.

Is this a known issue? Any work-arounds or suggestions when I run into this?


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What debugger do you use, GDB or LLDB? Does the problem recur with the other debugger?
Can you reproduce the probelm with a simple project?

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LLDB, will try GDB.

Not sure if I can reproduce in a simple project. The ios project we have is enromous, even by desktop app standards and the amount of data we deal with is significant as well. I wouldn't be surprised if part of the issue was the size of the app/project.

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Thanks for update,

here is that you can do to help us find the problem:
enable logging by adding the following lines to /Applications/

<log4j:configuration xmlns:log4j="">
  <category name="#com.jetbrains.cidr.execution.debugger">
    <priority value="DEBUG"/>
    <appender-ref ref="CONSOLE-DEBUG"/>


After that restart AppCode, try to reproduce the problem and attach your log files (Help->Reveal Log in Finder)


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