How to merge branches with PyCharm when using Mercurial?

I'm wondering how I can merge branches and use the IDE's diff tool to solve merge conflict issues.
This is possible when using git as scm, but I don't see any way to actually merge when using Mercurial.

I can only pull in changesets from any repository, so please tell me how may I actually do the merge without having to jump to the command line and use vimdiff to solve em. I want to use the internal diff tool to solve my conflicts that follows your IDE as it is simply pure awesomeness.
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Roy, you can merge via VCS | Integrate Project. The name of the action is not the best, because it uses the common format for other VCS support in PyCharm, but it allows you to merge.

Also, if you call Update Project, you may choose what to do on update: for example, you may pull, update and merge at once.
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That's where it is!

It didn't make any sense for me to click on "integrate project" at all, probably because I confuse it with "Enable version control integration" when your creating a new project and want to attach a SCM to it.

Thanks :-)
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May I suggest a "Merge with ..." in the Mercurial sub menu [1]?
(hopefully with support with mercurial bookmarks [2])


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