custom path works on completion but is ignored while running


I work on differents project where some are libraries for others.

Because each of them are permanently updated, these are not installed in site-package of main ones.

I've made 2 try:

1) include the "libraries" as path in settings:project interpreter:python interpreters[my virtual env]:path

2) include it in settings:project structure: add content root

Each time, code completion works, [ctrl + click] find class definition, but fail on work (no module named...)

My only way was to create symb links in site-package of the virtual env

Where am i wrong ?

Same result with PyCharm 2.5 and 2.6.1
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How are you running your project? If you're running it inside PyCharm (via a PyCharm run configuration: the Run menu or the context menu of a file), then your project should run without ImportErrors. If you are experiencing problems with run configurations, try running this script:

import sys
from pprint import pprint
You should see your '.../libraries' path in the resulting paths list.

If you are concerned with running your project from an external console outside of PyCharm, then this issue is not related to the IDE. Still we may discuss this problem here.

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