Working of Git in Pycharm is different from using Git in Terminal

I was using the trial version of latest Pycharm.

Working of git:
If you have added a file to staging and made some changes after that, you have to add that file again to stage it for commit. Otherwise new changes are not commited without adding them first.

Working of git in Pycharm:
When I click on the option of commit, it shows the all the changes done till now for commit instead of only showing added changes.

This surely can be source of error if working of git is changed.Is it bug in pycharm or what?
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PyCharm doen't have the concept of the staging area in its GUI. We support different version control systems in PyCharm (Subversion, Git, Mercurial, Perforce, etc.), so we have to provide a more or less universal user interface for all of them.

The change list is a PyCharm concept somewhat related to a staging area. You can organize your files into lists and commit changes in these lists separately.

PyCharm keeps all changes to the files in the local history (VCS -> Local History). It may be helpful for tracking your modifications to files.

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