Feature request: Make doc blocks and multiline comments behave like a proper word processor

I spend so much of my time writing comments, doc blocks, that kind of thing, and I'm surprised this hasn't already been considered.

It's cool that it inserts a new * line when you hit return, but proper support for automatic text wrapping and text reflowing would be brilliant.

That way, when I add or delete a few words from part of a block, I don't have to then muck about and start splitting, and adding and deleting carriage returns from all the following lines, which not only takes ages but takes up valuable thinking time!

I've added a feature request - please vote for this post or add your +1s there!


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Ha ha, thanks, I suspected this would probably have dupes!

Good to know other people feel the same and you guys are aware of it.

Is it under consideration at all?

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It is but not at the current moment, unfortunately.


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