Objective-C method name in Live Templates


In Live Templates in the context of Objective-C there is no template variable expression for the objective-c method name.
This is import. Unlike Java in objective-c you cannot rely on try-catch to cover all types of errors as some errors result from illegal memory access and will crash the application. There are various compiler flags that can help you with this, but with limitted effectiveness. I would like to trace the enter and leave of various methods and would like to add a live-template for that, but withtout a methodName() template variable expression this is difficult.


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Not sure if I understand what kind of live template you would like to write.
Do you need a selected name?

Please create a request here: http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issues/OC#newissue=yes and describe what variable exactly you would like to have and the usage.

Anton Makeev


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