Keyboard repeat

I just installed AppCode 1.5 and I'm using the IdeaVIM plugin (thanks for keeping it alive). I notice that the keyboard repeat doesn't work with most keys. It works with arrows, space, and backspace but not letters or numbers. This is true in both command and insert modes. Even with the VIM Emulator turned off the keyboard repeat doesn't work as expected.

It seems holding down a key brings up possible alternates for the letter. Personally I would MUCH rather have normal keyboard repeat. There are other ways to add accented characters.

Is there a setting for this? I couldn't find one.


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Rick, this is a Lion's 'feature', try typing and holding 'a' in, e.g., TextEdit.

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How interesting. I've been using Lion for a few months now and never noticed this before. It only seems to affect certain apps because I use iTerm and Xcode a lot and neither has this issue. But sure enough, TextEdit does. I guess AppCode's editor is the same as TextEdit's.

Anyway, after a quick search I did this in Terminal:

defaults write -g ApplePressAndHoldEnabled -bool false

and then restarted AppCode and I am now happily seeing keyboard repeat again.

Thanks for the tip.


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